Sleep Number Advertises A Lot, But Is It The Best Best Brand?

Who would not want a bed that can be adjusted to provide the ultimate in comfort? Select Comfort has created mattresses that can satisfy the user with positions that fit their bodies and desired sleeping positions. However, it is important to understand that Sleep Number, although marketed as adjustable beds, are actually adjustable mattresses. A typical adjustable bed has an adjustable base, like on the Nectar.

They’re more costly than a normal bed, but many users say that the investment is worth every penny, because of the satisfaction it provides for single users and partners as well.

There are two types of beds offered by Sleep Number:

  • The 360®  Smart Beds
  • Value Beds

Due to the want of Select Comfort to deliver great satisfaction to each of the beds they design, Sleep Number beds are offered in two types, and The 360® Smart Beds has its own categories and some of these categories are definitely upgrade from the other but it does not mean that one is un-comfortable. Breaking it down, the categories are:

For the The 360® Smart Beds:

  • Classic:  From the name itself, although classic, it still provides the firmest feel to it.
  • Performance: The Performance series offers balanced firmness and contoured cushion.

Sleep Number offers different bases that are adjustable. These are as follows:

FlexFit1: The head of the bed elevates with the use of one remote. Adjustments can be done with it as well.

FlexFit2: Interestingly, the FlexFit2 has more to offer. Taking the original elevation of the head from the FlexFit1 and more:

  • “Zero Gravity” a mode to increase the angle of the head area as well as to elevate the feet, thus making the user feel buoyant.
  • “Partner Snore™” This technology allows you to raise only your partner’s head.
  • “Timer Feature” From the name itself, is a timer that would set the bed to change a raised part that would give the sleeper an indication that the sleeper can change their sleeping position.

FlexFit3: Gives you a whole lot more from the FlexFit2. Taking the Zero Gravity, Partner Snore™, and Timer Feature. Bringing a couple more in for more feel of luxury, here’s the couple that was added:

  • Underbed lighting: With a single button, you can control all the lighting system tht comes with the type of bed that you’ve bought.
  • Massage feature: As we all know, massages are great! Even greater, massages at home, in bed. Once this feature is activated, the individual ill have a very relaxing sleep and they would feel refreshed when they wake up the next morning.  

Who wouldn’t want to be able to control any of your bed’s settings to something that you desire, something that’s perfect for you? Although quite expensive that your normal mattress (Something that’s just there), it’s definitely a lot more luxurious, comfortable, supporting, and definitely satisfying to get Sleep Number to get you a Better night’s sleep.