If you have been shopping for an adjustable bed for any amount of time, you already know how complicated it can be. To say that there are about three dozen adjustable bed brands with over 100 models in the US marketplace would be an understatement.

So how do you pick the right adjustable bed?

Good question. Out of the 100s of adjustable beds available, how do you pick the right model? The first question you need to ask yourself before anything else is what is the right model for you? This is purely dependent upon what you need from an adjustable bed.

What do YOU expect from your adjustable bed?

This is where you need to be frank and decide what you need it for. According to the adjustable bed review by Bedroom Solutions, you need to first ask yourself what you plan on doing with your adjustable bed, out of the following long list.

  1. Sleep
  2. Read books
  3. Work on your iPad/ Working from home
  4. Watching TV
  5. Sewing
  6. Having breakfast/ dinner
  7. Relieve symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome
  8. Relieve sleep apnea
  9. Relieve foot swelling
  10. Relief from back pain
  11. A soothing massage before retiring
  12. Combat acid reflux
  13. Stop snoring
  14. Independence for you and your spouse
  15. Charge your phone

As you can see, the list goes on and on and on.

Match your needs with the adjustable bed specs

Now that you have decided on what you expect from your adjustable bed, you simply have to select a model that will be able to do those tasks for you. Before you do that, you obviously need to know about the different specs and the functions of each of them. Look at the list below, now updated with the different specs required for each of the functions.

Which spec for which functions?

  1. Sleep – head tilt
  2. Read books – head tilt, preferably pillow tilt
  3. Work on your iPad/ Working from home – head and foot tilt
  4. Watching TV – head tilt, preferably pillow tilt
  5. Sewing – preferably pillow tilt
  6. Having breakfast/ dinner – head tilting
  7. Relieve symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome – foot tilt, massage
  8. Relieve sleep apnea – pillow tilt
  9. Relieve foot swelling – foot tilt
  10. Relief from back pain – lumbar support
  11. A soothing massage before retiring – head and foot massage
  12. Combat acid reflux – head tilt 5-8 degrees, preferably pillow tilting
  13. Stop snoring – pillow tilting
  14. Independence for you and your spouse – split-king adjustable base
  15. Charge your phone – USB ports

Any other adjustable bed specs?

The earlier list was by no means a comprehensive list of features. Here are some other adjustable bed specs that can be useful for sleepers.

  1. Under-bed lighting
  2. Height adjustable legs
  3. Zero-clearance
  4. Programmable and factory preset memory positions
  5. Wireless, backlit remote controllers

What is the best adjustable bed?

Now that you know about the needs and specs, it’s a matter of selecting a suitable adjustable bed that fulfills those criteria. We recommend that you select one of the following adjustable beds and adjustable mattresses.

  1. Tempur-pedic
  2. DynastyMattress
  3. Leggett & Platt
  4. Amerisleep
  5. Nectar
  6. Purple
  7. Yaasa
  8. Zoma
  9. Serta
  10. Classic brands

The above list is a very short one and we suggest that you do some more research looking in to online adjustable bed reviews and make an educational decision accordingly.

Feel free to contact us via the comments section if you need anything clarified.

Good luck with your adjustable bed hunt!!

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